Catch Me In Croatia

Holy moly, I’ve never seen water so clear! This weekend I spent roaming around the beautiful country of Croatia. Never before have I experienced a culture that was so laid-back, relaxed and beautiful! When I say these people were flawless, I mean I was begging them for their beauty secrets. Not only were they extremely kind and genuine but they had an incredible love for their country while appreciating the finer things in life. One of my favorite quotes from our tour guide was, “During the day, many people spend a couple hours drinking coffee and socializing. We know that work doesn’t go away and it will always be there when we come back.” How’s that for a great philosophy on work?? Don’t think I have ever heard that one in America!

West entrance to the Palace.

West entrance to the Palace.

After our long bus ride through the night, we enjoyed a fabulous breakfast on a terrace of a local restaurant Friday morning. The town of Split, Croatia is right on the coast and a main hub for cruise lines along with local ferries. We made our way to our nice Croatia apartment and then set out to catch the sun before it was hidden behind the clouds. After a short nap on the beach where we marveled at the clear water, we made our way to the other side of the town where we hiked along a trail to find an even more gorgeous setting. We watched the sunset on rocks just a few feet above the water and I basked in the fact that yes indeed, I was sitting on Croatian rocks in the middle of Europe. Oh the life I’m living!

The best sunset.

The best sunset.

The next day we woke up to pouring rain but we had a boat tour booked with the rest of our trip. So after a quick rain dance, we headed to the boat and island hopped for the whole day. Our stop for lunch ended with sunny skies so I sunbathed the day away on the deserted island and even jumped into the Adriatic Sea. That’s 2 foreign oceans that I’ve dipped my toes in! The water was chilly but so worth the dive. We ended our tour and docked in Trogir where we spent a little time exploring then headed back to Split. Our dinner that night was a family style buffet however the quality of buffet’s over here are completely incomparable to that in America. This food was incredible and the gnocchi was possibly the best pasta I’ve ever put in my mouth… Yum!

A view from our boat tour.

A view from our boat tour.

We awoke the next day to leave for Krka National Park, about 2 hours away from Split. All I knew about this national park was the famous waterfall that I had seen in so many previous study abroad photos. Little did I know this place was one of the most majestic places I have ever been. The waterfalls, the greenery, the nature… It was so incredibly serene. After a few hours and a sad goodbye, we left and headed back to Florence.

Krka National Park.

Krka National Park.

If you’re looking for the most beautiful beaches in the world and interested in meeting some incredibly nice locals, Croatia is the place to go! What a way to spend my weekend, Croatia will forever have a place in my heart.

In other news, we are at the one month countdown until I am back in the States! This weekend I will be traveling to the Amalfi Coast, followed by a week in Florence, a visit from my best friend from home then a few days in Paris and London. I can’t believe how fast the time has flown and how many places I’ve gotten to visit. Life is good!

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  1. All the places you have shared have looked exciting and wonderful but Croatia looks so beautiful and enchanting – who knew?

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