Gelato Goodness

The page you have all been waiting for… The infamous Italian dessert that is not only delectable but also mouthwatering, creamy and the perfect companion for a walk around town. Little did I know when I arrived that the best gelato is actually in the stores that don’t display it. Many gelato shops around tourist areas have a big display of seemingly delicious mounds of gelato however you must go beyond the enticing displays and find the stores that house gelato in silver bins beneath the counter. These will be made with fresher ingredients without preservatives. I promise you, you will not be disappointed! Below I have listed some of my favorite gelato spots in Florence, most of which are off the beaten path so keep your eyes peeled!

Grom – Fighting for the top spot in my favorite gelato locations. Located off the main strip on Via del Campanile 2, make sure you don’t stroll past this gem! Their sugar cones are made fresh (taste one if you don’t believe me) and their gelato flavors are out of this world. If you’re into coffee flavored ice cream, try their caffé flavor and don’t miss their extra dark chocolate either!

La Strega Nocciola – Tying with Grom, this place is a MUST GO! Located across the Ponte Vecchio at Via dei Bardi 51, you have a great view of the river nevermind the piece of art that you are about to consume. They have a variety of interesting flavors that you won’t find anywhere else. For 2.50 euro, you get two heaping scoops and a pretty wafer. I highly recommend the lavender flavor… Very light and wonderful!

Edoardo – Located literally next to the Duomo (Piazza del Duomo, on the right if you are facing the entrance), this is a great find very close to one of Florence’s most famous structures! They have a great variety of fruity flavors along with my favorite, cinnamon! Definitely a good place to stop after you climb to the top of the Duomo.

Antica Gelateria – Located at Via Faenza 2, this place displays their gelato but they have antique flavors that will knock your socks off. Located in a different area of town, this is a great place to stop if you are walking from one place to another. They serve crepes as well if you’d rather that but their biscotino gelato flavor is definitely a must-try!

Le Botteghe di Leonardo – Located by San Lorenzo at Via Francesco Valori 12, this is a wonderful spot for gelato! With a wide range of flavors (I love the mascarpone) and a sweet owner who jokes with you in Italian, don’t miss this yummy gelato spot!

Venchi – Located at Vicolo Calimaruzza 18, I have passed this place several times but never purchased anything. The other day I bought gelato and it was incredible! A little pricey but definitely worth it, stop by for cold gelato or choose a couple pieces of chocolate from their overflowing selection!

Cioccolati Italiani – Although located in MILAN at Via San Raffaele 6, this place was too good to leave off my list! You must go if you ever visit the beautiful city of fashion. You may have to wait in a long line but I promise it will be worth it! Order a cone and watch as they fill it with chocolate that is flowing from faucets then plop scoops of gelato on top. If you get the nutella flavor, they will give you vanilla with real nutella spread like fudge on top… YUMMO! You cannot pass this place up!


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