Ciao Bella! My name is Molly House and I am currently a junior majoring in Business Administration at High Point University. During the Spring of 2014 I will be studying abroad in Florence, Italy which could also be known as the land of art, romance and world famous gelato… Someone pinch me! I have been dreaming of traveling abroad for as long as I can remember and once I decided to get over my FOMO (fear of missing out) during my best friends last semester of senior year, I took the plunge. I finally decided that I had the courage to truly find out who I was by drowning myself in a culture that I absolutely adore.

To start, I am a lover of all things classy, fabulous and fun as well as being an avid yogie and an indulgent foodie. I plan on shamelessly seeking out the best restaurants around Europe and posting my findings for you to see! While in Florence, I plan on examining all of the Italian style trends, what I hear is utterly fabulous and completely effortless. Needless to say, I am packing an extra duffel bag just to encourage my addictive shopping habits… Sorry mom and dad!

Speaking of mom and dad, I cannot say thank you enough to them for providing me with this incredible opportunity. Without them, I would not be embarking on this magnificent adventure in the city I have dreamed about since I was a child. I cannot wait to share all my findings and fun stories (red vino will always be included) with you as I explore one of the most beautiful countries in the world with new friends and a new outlook on life.

Until next time… 🙂



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