Let’s Get Lost

There is something so incredibly beautiful about being lost but not worrying about finding your way home. Almost everyday I find myself going stir crazy if I don’t take a long walk through the city. Whether a new part of town I’ve never visited or an old part of town I pass everyday, there is something new to find every single time. At home, I hardly ever walk to my friends house located only 2 minutes away but while I’m here, we take two hour long walks with no destination in mind. While safety is always thought about, I have never once felt threatened while walking during the day time. It’s wonderful to live in a place where walking is not only easy but encouraged, although that doesn’t include the handful of times I’ve almost gotten decapitated by the large buses on small streets (Yikes!).

This whole “getting lost” concept isn’t a new thing to me. No matter where I am headed with either new friends or old mates, I normally always get lost or find a new adventure. Maybe its Gods way of showing me new adventures or maybe my life is just a joke that I continually fall for, however I can’t say that it bothers me. I’ve learned to embrace the madness and welcome it as a way to see new things and explore new avenues. Plus it doesn’t hurt to stumble upon a new gelato place while lost and finding my way. My roommate and I have an understanding that if we see a new gelato place that looks good, we simply must go in and try a few flavors as “research for our blogs” (seems legit enough, right?).

Maybe getting lost isn’t such a bad thing. Maybe getting lost is the way we truly find ourselves. I know that whenever I have a question about where my life is going, I somehow seem to stumble upon an answer that brings me back to where I am meant to be. The wandering, the questioning, is all part of a beautiful process that we must embrace in order to grow. Without getting lost, we wouldn’t know how to get back on the right track. We would settle for the ordinary without truly getting to experience the extraordinary. Life would be pointless, dull and quite frankly uninteresting.

The ones who wander are the ones worth following.

Until next time…



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