Foodie Finds

Because I considered myself an avid foodie who loves a great meal, I’ve decided to keep track of the places I believe are a “must-go” while traveling in Europe. Look below to see my suggestions categorized by city!


100 Posti ($) – Located at Borgo San Lorenzo 7, near the Duomo. I happened upon this place during my first few days in Florence and I plan to keep going back for the entirety of my stay. The ladies who work here do not speak much English so be prepared to test out your Italian skills! The owner, Sophie, is the cutest old Italian lady who will come over and talk to you while your meal is being prepared. The pizza is wonderful as is everything else on the menu!

Gusta Pizza ($) – I’m sure you’ve heard this one mentioned before on travel sites but do not miss this pizza haven! Located on the opposite side of the Ponte Vecchio, Via Maggio 46r, Gusta Pizza does not have great signage but once you find the address, you will know you are at the right place! It’s crowded at lunchtime so be prepared to make friends with strangers as you eat your pizza. Anything you order will be wonderful but the margherita pizza is truly out of this world!

Yellow Bar ($$) – I was told by an Italian man that this was the best pizza in Florence and I was NOT disappointed! Located at Via del Proconsolo 39, this place is marvelous. It is always crowded so get there early for dinner but once you sit down, the food will not disappoint. Their pizza is amazing as well as their pastas and service, don’t miss this Florentine gem!

Mr. Pizza ($) – Located at Via Pietrapiana 82 and also a location next to the Duomo, this was the first place I went when I arrived in Florence! For a cheap price you can get a great pizza and their salads are also amazing. The gelato at the Duomo location is great and reasonably priced. Open until about 4am so if you get the munchies while out late at night, this is the place to go!

Antica Sosta degli Aldobrandini ($) – Located at Piazza Madonna 5/6r, this is a GREAT place for students who need to grab a quick lunch. They offer a discounted rate to student on almost all of their menu items which makes dining here very easy! For American students missing a typical American sandwich, they offer a make-your-own Panini with a menu in English and menu items that will be familiar to you… Delicious!

Tijuana($$) – Located at Via Ghibellina 156, go to this restaurant if you are craving Mexican food in a town (and country) full of Italian food! Although on the pricier side, their margaritas are works of art and their burritos are out of this world. You will leave knowing you got your money’s worth. Happy hour is 6-8pm so swing by during those hours for discounted rates!

Cucciolo ($) – Located at Via Corso 25, this is wonderful place to stop in for a fresh bomobolini… Which in English is the equivalent of a donut. Filled with chocolate, jam or crème then rolled in sugar for only 1 euro, this is a wonderful treat! They also have lots of sandwiches and pizzas so its a great place if you are on-the-go!

La Milkeria ($$) – My new favorite place! Located at Borgo degli Albizi 87, this is the cutest little restaurant with the best food. Although a little pricey, you can get crepes, pancakes, and waffles topped with fresh fruit, nutella or even gelato. They have a great cappuccino as well as a great atmosphere. You have got to stop in for a sweet breakfast or a yummy afternoon pick-me-up!

Za Za ($$) – Located at Piazza del Mercato Centrale 26, I am only including this in my post because you MUST MUST MUST try their truffle fries. For 5 euros, they are rich and the plate is big enough to split. Order a bottle of the 12 euro wine at the top of your menu for a bubbly red to accompany the delicacy you are about to devour!

Kitsch ($$) – Located at Viale Antonio Gramsci 1/5 R, this place has the BEST apertivos for your money. Normally you get a few selections for apertivo choices but here, you get a whole room full of food! Order the Barolo wine if you love red… It’s a few dollars more but it is WONDERFUL! You’ll never go anywhere else for apertivos again.

Le Vespe ($) – Located at Via Ghibellina 76R, I stumbled upon this place and boy was it a good find. For about 11 euros, you can get a mimosa (normal, or with fresh blackberry or strawberry juice) and a nice breakfast. Their scrambled eggs with feta and spinach were fabulous. Take a trip here for brunch or lunch to try their famous grilled cheese sandwiches!

Vecchio Forno ($) – Located at Via Guelfa 32R, this bakery is AMAZING. Their apple tart is quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth. You must must must stop by for a pastry or fresh bread!

Pasticeria Nencioni ($) – Located at Via Pietrapiana 24R, this is a great stop for small pastries. I haven’t met a pastry I didn’t like, the workers are friendly and the prices are fabulous! Definitely a must if you’re craving an Italian treat.

Divina Pizzeria ($$) – Located at Via Borgo Allegri 50R, I stumbled upon this place and boy am I happy I did! Made with all natural ingredients, this place has a quaint vibe with a GREAT pizza selection. They cut your fresh pizza with scissors and you can try a little bit of everything if you please. It could get pricey depending on how much you try but I promise it is worth it!


Anima Mundi ($) – Located at Via del Velabro 1-2, make sure to look closely because its hidden in a quaint corner. Although mainly a bar, their food is also spectacular. Their aperitivo is only 8 euro which includes a drink and all-you-can-eat buffet of small appetizers… Definitely well worth your money! The owner is a local guy who can tell you the best places to go and also educate you on your drink choices. Great atmosphere with a sophisticated vibe!

Royal Art Café ($$) – Located at Piazza del Colosseo n.1, you can eat lunch with a view of the famous ancient ruins! Not only can you do lunch but its a great place to catch a drink with friends after the sun goes down. Everything on their menu looked delectable, definitely a place to go if your feet need a break from all the sightseeing!


Pasticerria Castelvecchio ($) – Located across the street from the Castelvecchio (Corso Castelvecchio, 21), this cute pastry shop houses the best Galani in the area! Galani is flakey pasty that resembles the shell of a cannoli but tastes like a funnel cake once it is decked in powdered sugar… You must try it! The ladies are friendly and their pastry variety is phenomenal.

La Cantina del 15 ($$$) – If you are looking for a very nice place to eat or take a special date, this is a great place to go! Located just down the street from the pasticceria at Corso Castelvecchio 15, this has a modern feel but brings you back to history with its beautiful exposed brick. Their pumpkin tortellini with Amarone sauce is out of this world and you must give their rosemary-infused crème brulee a try!

Tabia ($) – Located at Via Giovanni Zambelli 14, this is a wonderful family restaurant with a German/Italian feel. They are known for their pizza and mark my words, you must give it a try! An added bonus… It’s the only place in Italy that I have found where you can order a whole grain crust!


Kolkovna ($$) – Headed to V Kolkovně 8, 110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město to taste the best of Czech food for half the price! They have authentic Czech with great drinks and even better desserts. You MUST try to chocolate soufflé, it was out of this world! Their mojitos are marvelous as well.

Starbucks ($) – This may sound cliché but the Starbucks right outside of the Prague Castle has some of the best views of Prague. By the time you finally hike up the big hill, you will have worked up a coffee appetite so order a late and take a rest while you enjoy the incredible view!

Astronomical Clock Square ($) – Located at Staroměstské náměstí 1, 110 00 Praha 1, make sure you stop by to see the Astronomical Clock at the start of an hour. Every hour the clock puts on a show that you must catch. Around the corner from the clock, there are several vendors with great food at low prices. Make sure to grab a crepe, sausage or the Prague specialty, a Trdelnik!

Cinque Terre

Belforte ($$$) – Located in Vernazza, this marvelous restaurant is located on a cliff overlooking the water. Although a little pricey, you can choose how much you prefer to spend the the view is TOTALLY worth it (especially at sunset). Their pesto is amazing and their pasta is incredible!

Gianni Franzi ($$) – Also located in Vernazza, this is a wonderful place for dinner or just dessert since the gelateria’s close early in this town! Their tiramisu is fabulous. This restaurant has a quaint atmosphere with marvelous decor and the sweetest waiters!

Il Massimo della Focaccia ($) – Cinque Terre is the region for pesto and focaccia and this place does it right! Located right below the train station in Monterosso, you can get a huge piece of focaccia with multiple toppings (although I suggest the pesto) for under 3 euro. There is also a bar next door that plays country music and lets you order a drunk @ss bucket… Don’t miss this foodie find!

Siamo Fritti ($) – Located in Rio Maggiore, this place is a hole in the way that serves cones full of fried fish. For about 5 euros, you can get calamari, shrimp, french fries and many more. There are a couple other places like this, all equally yummy… Just choose the spot that looks and smells best to you!



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