Places to Go

I’ve decided to dedicate this page to places you must go while in Florence. Whether they be a well know museum or a tip that only locals know of, trust me when I saw that you haven’t fully experienced Florence until you go to these places! If you explore enough, you may find a few items to add on your own!

The Duomo – This is so much of a given that I almost forgot to include it. Make sure you buy the ticket for everything including the baptistery and the tower. If you are able, climb both the tower and the Duomo, you will not be disappointed with the views!

Ponte Vecchio – Although swamped with tourists in high season, this is one bridge you must not miss! Loaded with the finest jewelry stores, you will leave with gold-struck eyes and the urge to swipe your credit card for a piece of such beautiful jewelry. Once you walk across it from the Duomo area, you will find a plethora of great food and shopping right around the Pitti Palace area.

Piazzale Michaelangelo – The best view of Florence is held here. A huge piazza full of tourists dying to see Florence from up high, this is the place to be especially at sunset. Grab a bottle of wine and hike up the hills in order to catch the sun before it falls!

Uffizi Gallery – Although I am not a huge connoisseur of art, this place is still incredible. It houses several floors of the most famous art pieces. Grab a tour book or take the electronic tour so you know what you are looking at and bask in the fact that you are surrounded by works of art from the most famous artists of all time!

Pitti Palace – This place is the BOMB. The ceilings alone are enough to make your heart palpitate, nevermind the incredible artwork. You will feel like true royalty as you step in this palace! Cut about 3 hours out to do all the exhibits which I highly suggest.

Boboli Gardens – Right behind the Pitti Palace, the Boboli Gardens span acres wide, full of greenery and budding flowers. This is the perfect place to bring a picnic and people watch as you take in the serenity of the Florentine gardens. Make sure to stop by the Grotto that will be on your right as you make way towards the main exit!

Academia – Make sure to stop by this fabulous museum to see the famous David! Smaller in size than the Uffizi, this museum can be done in an hour or less, depending on how long you want to look at David’s manly, muscular features!

Cascine Park – This is a wonderful park a few bridges down from the Ponte Vecchio. On Tuesday mornings there is a huge market where you can buy everything from leather goods to pets. A great place to wander and clear your head!

Fiesole – Only a bus ride away from Florence, this little town in magical. It has one of the best views of the Tuscan region and it will make you fall in love with Florence all over again. Come at sunset or on a clear day and plan to spend a few hours wandering the town. Catch bus 7 at San Marco Piazza and stay on until the last stop at Fiesole!

Mercato Centrale – What better way to experience the Italian culture than taking a stroll around their authentic food market. Here you can buy fresh meat, fish, produce and pasta! My personal favorite is the “make-your-own” trail mix stands… So yummy! Find the sandwich place with a green awning that’s always crawling with people, it is said to be one of the best places to eat in Florence. Be adventurous and try their lampredotto panino!

Sant’Ambrogio Market – Already 3 months in and I JUST found this market that happens to be right down the street from my apartment. Smaller than the Mercato Centrale, this place has an even better vibe with sellers outside as well as inside. Skipping this would be a sin so gather up some small change and head to this market for fresh produce, fish and bread!


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