Hippity Hoppity

Buona Pasqua!

For those of you not familiar with Italian… Happy Easter! Today I strolled around town with a small bunch of the most perfectly colored orange and yellow tulips while people-watching on the Florentine streets. As Easter is one of the most heavily celebrated holidays in Italy, the atmosphere this weekend is upbeat and happy. Italian nonna’s travel with huge Easter eggs for their cute grandchildren, the Italian men walk with a bouquet of flowers for their wives and the children walk the streets, happily eating their Easter cookies. The holiday is upon us and I am so happy to be celebrating it in Florence.

While walking today, I came across a large market that I had never seen before. Although a only few blocks away from my apartment, I hadn’t yet stumbled upon its bounty. With tulips in hand, I frolicked amongst the vendors, trying to restrain myself from purchasing all of the fresh goods available. It was busy and bustling and I wanted to stay in that atmosphere forever. The vendors are so kind and although my Italian is rough (but getting better!), they recognize my attempts and work with me as I purchase their yummy produce.

Although bummed about missing Easter at home with my own family, the family that I have here in my little town of Florence is a wonderful substitute. I woke up this morning sad not be home celebrating but after my walk around town and finding so many things to marvel at, I have to say that my heart felt heavy about leaving here in less than a month. Time flies so quickly and my semester here has been full of adventure, with maybe a small side of homesickness. In these last few weeks, I plan to suck in all the culture I can while experiencing everything in the moment. The friends and the life I have made here will be in my heart forever and I know that the memories I have will last a lifetime. Florence has become my home away from home and I will miss the sights, locals and sounds (just not some of the smells).

This Easter weekend my roommates and I plan on making some of the meals we have learned in cooking class while enjoying the Easter atmosphere outside. There is an Easter parade tomorrow as well as an “explosion of the cart” which happens right outside the Duomo. I thought I loved holidays at home, but my how fun it is to be experiencing holidays in another culture! I am loving every minute.

I hope your Easter table is full of laughter, familiar faces and a bouquet of brightly colored tulips to highlight the spring season. Enjoy your weekend and give the Easter bunny a carrot for me!

Until next time…