Mediterranean Mojo: Part 2

I don’t even know where to begin for this post because I have so many wonderful, happy, beautiful memories bouncing around in my head! I guess I will start from the beginning which included the most glorious breakfast buffet. We had a wide array of different bread and pastries, fresh fruit, cereal, yogurt as well as a fabulous coffee and tea bar! It set the tone for the fabulous day that lay ahead.

We left the hotel in Nice and headed to Eze which is a small village on top of a cliff. The Fragonard perfume factory is housed there so we got a quick tour and made a few purchases. Then we found the trail and walked up to the village of Eze. It was a quaint town with small cobblestone streets, perfectly quiet while situated on the most beautiful cliff overlooking the ocean. I decided right then and there that it was a potential honeymoon location (because yes, this is what I think about while traveling). We rushed through the town, trying to capture the picturesque streets but our photos didn’t do it justice. I never wanted to leave.

Little did I know that yet another beautiful site was awaiting me just 15 minutes away. We made our way along the coast to the wonderful Principality of Monaco. Yachts and sailboats and blue water and beautiful military men in uniform… Someone please tell me I can stay forever! The streets were clean, the ocean breeze was fresh and the classiness of Grace Kelly lingered in the air. We made it in time to see the changing of the guards, where I spotted my future hubby with a tall stature and a phenomenal French accent. I stalked him for a little while then made my way to the Cathedral to visit Grace Kelly’s grave. We stopped for lunch to eat a ham and cheese crepe that followed with a crepe filled with perfectly chocolatey chocolate and whipped cream. We did a little souvenir shopping then headed to the gardens that were dedicated to Grace Kelly. Situated right along the cliff, we sat in the sun and stared out in awe over the beautiful Mediterranean sea. I’m positive I could live the homeless lifestyle on the beach if I meant I got to wake up to those views everyday.

Last but certainly not least, we traveled to Monte Carlo. Our first stop was the Monte Carlo Casino where cameras were forbidden but the sites will be ingrained in my head forever. Massive chandeliers hanging from gold plated ceilings while fabulously dressed men and women strolled through ready to play their hand on the dark wood Roulette tables. I slipped 5 euros  into a machine that I had no idea how to work and played my luck. Only cashing out with 0.30 euro, I knew I had some practicing to do before I ever hit another casino. Still pretty cool to say my first slot machine was played in Monte Carlo! We left the casino and found Lamborghinis and Porsches, Ferraris and Bentleys as we made our way around town being glared at for our obviously poor American statures. Since we couldn’t afford anything, we walked and enjoyed the sites and on our way back to the bus saw two children riding in an electric Ferrari car also known as an electric Barbie car in the US. Funny how different the price point is over here!

I said a very sad goodbye to the place that touched my heart forever and we made our way home through the traffic back to Florence. This was the first trip I went on where I wasn’t glad to be home. I could have stayed in the French Riviera forever and I know that I must go back again during my lifetime. Maybe next time it will be on a rich man’s yacht with servants feeding me grapes… A girl can dream! It was an utterly fabulous trip and I feel so blessed to have been able to see these sites at such a young age… Thank mom and dad!

Until next time I will be making cannoli’s and heading to Prague this weekend!



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