Mediterranean Mojo: Part 1

I sincerely apologize for my week hiatus in posting anything. I was trying to find something that truly inspired me and boy did that happen this weekend! On Saturday morning I left for the French Riviera… Did that really just come out of my mouth (or rather, my keyboard)?? When I say I have seen heaven, I mean that this place looked like coastal Northern California on steroids. It was hands down the most incredible place I have ever visited. The decadence, the beauty, the ocean, the crepes… I may or may not have already started looking for jobs there after graduation.

This trip was put together by the school where I am studying so we paid a flat fee and had tons of activities on our itinerary. We began our bus ride up the coastal road through Italy and eventually made our way into France. Just the view alone from the bus was enough to get me excited! I never truly realized how much I missed having a body of water so close. As our adorable teacher and fabulous tour guide, Franco, talked to us about the regions of Italy and France, we made our way to our first stop which was Cannes. Our bus parked casually at the marina where we were able to get off and take just a few quick steps to the ocean. Clearly I ripped off my shoes and ran to put my toes in a foreign sea. The water was cold but heavenly. We took some touristy pictures and marveled at the yachts then headed to the main road, passing a few topless old ladies on our way by. I can only hope to be topless on a beach in Cannes when I get older!

We found where the Cannes Film Festival is held and enjoyed the scenery then headed to lunch overlooking a phenomenal view of the city. We ended our time in Cannes with a stroll through a wonderful antique market where I purchased beautiful antique diamond earrings (I promise they were in my price range!). We sadly hopped back on the bus and headed to Nice with a guide who told us all about the architecture and history behind the places we were passing. We arrived to yet another picturesque waterfront and then headed inward to the old town of Nice. We strolled through small streets and passed a large flower and soap market (can you imagine the scents… Wonderful!) and also several chocolate and candy stores. Our guide stopped in front of one of the oldest chocolate stores in Europe but didn’t give us time to go in… Obviously she didn’t know who she was dealing with! Wiping the drool off my mouth, we made our way to Fenocchio’s, a famous ice cream place in Nice, which was really the only reason we decided to follow the guide on the tour in the first place. I got three scoops of different flavors and happily enjoyed my treat on the way back to the bus, just in time to catch the sun setting on the beach. We said goodbye to the water and headed inland to our 4-star hotel with the most amazing view of the city… These people know how to keep me happy!

After a nice long shower with HOT water and wonderful water pressure, I struggled to peel myself out of bed for dinner downstairs. We had an eggplant stuffed with mixed veggies followed by a delicious chicken and potato dish and ended with a chocolate banana cake. It was all wonderful, especially the warm baguettes that they continually replenished. We headed upstairs with a happy belly and snuggled into our beds, ready to take on the next day in Eze, Monaco and Monte Carlo.

I will include more about my travels to Eze, Monaco and Monte Carlo in my next post. But until then, I hope you dream of sandy beaches and clear blue water and decide to make a trip to a seaside city in your near future!



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