Beauty in Uncommon Things

On Sunday after our trip home from Milan, my roommate and I knew the weather was too perfect to stay inside. Since we had yet to see Florence from Piazzale Michelangelo, we put on our sneakers and headed out to find the most amazing view Florence has to offer. Although still sore from our many mile long walks around Milan, we were determined to press through the pain to find the view while thinking about getting our bikini bodies ready for Cinque Terre in April!



We took back roads to get to the Ponte Vecchio and crossed the next bridge over, stopping to take photos of the gorgeous blue skies that hung over our new town. Everywhere we turned there was beauty in everything we looked at. From the green moss that covered a beautiful cement fountain to the way the sunshine hit the sidewalk, we couldn’t help but fall in love with the city we had chosen to call home. We climbed our way to the top and what we found was beyond what words can describe. Miles upon miles of beautifully colored reds, yellows and oranges combined with the green of the hills that served as the backdrop to our city. We gawked at the views as we tried and failed to capture the pure beauty of it all. Dodging tourists and hoping to not look like one ourselves, we made our way around the entirety of the Piazza then headed up the street to the beautiful church that sat even higher up than we already were. Here is where I found the most serenity.

Church alter.

Church alter.

For some reason since I’ve been here, I’ve had this immense fascination with churches. Anyone who knows me knows that I know as much about religion as a pastry chef knows about blacksmithing… In case that was a terrible simile, I mean that I know VERY LITTLE about any kind of religion. Although taking a course about all types of religion at High Point, my boring teacher did little to spark my interest leaving me with just a few facts about Jesus and his disciples. However in this country that is so heavily based in religion, I find myself wonderstruck by all the churches I go into. Wanting to know more about the history and traditions behind it all, I am determined to make my way to a Catholic service while here, no matter how long or how confused I may be. The passion and time put into not only practicing the religion but the details behind every painting and column in the church is something I hope to explore in depth. The church we found on the hill was hands down my favorite spot I have found since being in Florence.

Divine light.

Divine light.

We made our way back down the hill down a side street that was rarely used. I felt like I was in the movie Under the Tuscan Sun as we passed Tuscan style houses with greenery crawling up the deep yellow walls sitting on empty roads. In that moment, I knew I had chosen the perfect place to study abroad, a place that makes me feel alive and happy while yearning to discover all the hidden treasures this town has to offer. As if that wasn’t enough, our walk home ended by stumbling upon a free organ concert in a church right around the corner from our apartment. I made my roommate go in with me and for a moment, all we did was stand in the holy space surrounded by breathtaking sounds. Every single time I turn around, I see something even more beautiful than the past and I am always so excited to journal about my experiences so that I can remember them forever.

View from Piazzale Michelangelo.

I have been keeping a list of at least one thing a day that makes me happy and while being here, I am overwhelmed by the amount of objects I want to add to my list. Even the little things like a child with gelato all over their face or a couple staring passionately into each others eyes, this city makes you fall in love with not only the people and places around you but with the life you are living. I guess that’s why they say its one of the most romantic countries… Not sure how you could leave here without falling in love with something or someone.

Until next time…Molly


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