Give Me Gucci

This weekend, after two days of orientation and having a set schedule, we spent Saturday roaming aimlessly through the city because it was finally partly sunny. One of our first planned stops was the Gucci Museum, where we were greeted by men in tuxes and women who stared at us like we didn’t belong. Nonetheless, we were excited to be there and after they coat-checked our belongings (a new concept to this FL girl), we went to explore. There were 7 exhibits all containing a specific Gucci line including his travel accessories, handbags, shoes and my personal favorite… His evening gown collection. Of course every single room was incredible but when I turned the corner to the room filled with gowns, my eyes swelled with tears and I had chills all over my body… I kid you not.

Molly Gucci Museum

The room consisted of 5 grey mannequins that flawlessly wore 5 different Gucci dresses. Never before had I ever experienced emotion like that while looking at fashion. I am certainly a sucker for red carpet specials as I gawk over the most fabulous dresses but seeing these gowns up close with no glass surrounding them, I was in complete awe. The first one we saw when we stepped inside was Blake Lively’s dress from the Gucci perfume commercials of 2012. A cream long-sleeve dress with a plunging open back decked in elegant beading… It was dropdead gorgeous and I wanted, no needed, to slip into it immediately. Fashion is an incredible art and after seeing this exhibit, I was reassured where my passion lies. It took all I had in me not to grab a sleeping bag and curl up to stay for the night in the presence of those phenomenal dresses. So clearly one of my new life goals is to wear a Gucci gown before I die. Dreams can never be too big right??

After that breathtaking moment, we slipped out of the Gucci store with nothing but a museum guide because lord knows our college budgets couldn’t even afford a mug (35 euro, seriously?). We made our way across the Ponte Vecchio which houses the most AMAZING diamonds. Fake or not, I was sold. We heard that we hadn’t truly experienced Florence until we ate at Gusta pizza so off we went in search of the famous restaurant. And may I say we were definitely not disappointed. When I say this pizza was life changing, I mean this pizza was so incredible that I dreamed about it that night. Perfectly hot, fresh ingredients and melt in your mouth crust… We had hit the motherload. Of course I didn’t leave a single crumb behind and we left with the happiest food coma, not feeling greasy the way American pizza leaves you. It was the best “full” I had ever experienced.

Molly Gusta Pizza

Waddling happily to our next destination, we went to the Salvatore Ferragamo shoe museum. Although extremely excited beforehand, we were a little disappointed especially after the grandeur of the Gucci museum. The Ferragamo museum was quite frankly a little creepy, definitely not what we were expecting. However I can’t deny the heels were wonderful and the way they displayed them was incredible. We headed home instead of stopping to shop (who am I??) and made fresh pasta for dinner. The night ended with a trip to a couple pubs while trying not to get lost on our way home in the wee hours of the night. We made it safely and slept Sunday away.

Molly Ferragamo Museum

Until next time, I will be dreaming of Gucci and Gusta pizza…



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