With Chaos, Comes Reward

Good morning or as you Florida/NC people would say at this time, good night! I am successfully in Frankfurt, Germany after a day (or more, who knows with this time change) of airport roaming and unpredictable flights.

The past few days have been a roller coaster of emotion for me as I was trying to keep my cool but seriously freaking out that my dream of studying abroad was actually coming true, as in, I was FINALLY getting on the plane! My morning started peacefully with a pedicure with mom followed by a trip to the Orlando airport. Little did I know that the scale we used to weigh my bag at home was clearly lying to us. You know that rule that states your bag can only be 50 pounds or you pay an ungodly fee? You see, my bag somehow reached 74 pounds… Who put all those clothes in there without me knowing?! So after some readjusting, we got it under 70 pounds and still paid a fee, just a smaller one!

As we checked in, the lady at the United desk kept mentioning my flight to Munich however she wasn’t mentioning anything about my ending destination in Florence. Luckily, my dad being a seasoned traveler, corrected that statement and it turned out that something went a rye and I wasn’t originally booked on a flight… Leading me from peaceful to panic in about 5 seconds. She claimed she fixed it and I said my sad goodbyes to my parents and boarded the plane to Chicago!

After a short 3 hour flight later, I checked in at the Lufthansa desk to find that my flight to Florence really wasn’t happening… Due to an airport strike in Europe (who knew??) many flights to Florence were cancelled. So the sweet German attendant put me on a flight to Frankfurt that left in just 30 minutes… There went my time to mentally prepare myself, as I thought I would originally be having a 6 hour layover in Chicago.

Turns out, I got to board a double decker plane (FINALLY, I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO!) with 3 open seats next to me, flight attendants (all men, who would’ve thought?) who didn’t card me so clearly a little wine was involved, and I settled in to watch The Holiday before sprawling out to sleep for the night.

7.5 hours later I am in the Frankfurt airport sitting in a bakery that smells more amazing than I can even describe, planning on purchasing a wonderful cappuccino and warm croissant from the sweet lady with a lovely accent. Although I have 8 hours until my flight to Florence, I must say the Frankfurt airport is incredibly modern and I cannot wait to explore.

So until next time, I am comfortably situated at the Frankfurt airport, awaiting my flight to my new home for the next four months!



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